Listing Details

There are General Listing and Event Listing available on Myanmar Food and Travel website.
General Listing is for your business related posting such as introducing and promoting your business, updates of your business, and etc.
Event Listing is for posting Concerts, Festivals, etc.

In order to accommodate the needs of each client, there are 3 types of packages (Basic, Silver and Gold) are offered in Myanmar Food and Travel website.

  • Listing Term
  • Listing Description
  • Image Limit
  • Special Offers
  • Tag Keywords
  • Business Hours
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Website
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Analytics
  • HTML Editor
  • Video Code
  • Basic
  • USD 100.00/One Year
    (USD 60.00/Six Months)
  • 1
  • Silver
  • USD 150.00/One Year
    (USD 90.00/Six Months)
  • 5
  • Gold
  • USD 200.00/One Year
    (USD 120.00/Six Months)
  • 10

Feature Highlights

  1. 'User friendly' content creation forms

    ‘User friendly’ content creation forms

    Myanmar Food and Travel website offers an easy- to- use unique and effective feature to create contents for your Listing. Not only your desired content page is created simply by filling in the mandatory section but also more detailed Listing by using HTML Tag is available.
    Myanmar Food and Travel website is committed to deliver satisfaction with the professional and knowledgeable technical support staff to serve you.

  2. Special Offer Function

    Special Offer Function

    This “Special Offer” will be shown in the “Special Offer” category in Myanmar Food and Travel website and it is very convenient for Site visitors to check the detail in one step.
    We believes this simple but creative tactic has a significant effect on advertising your business.
    This feature can be used as limited time offer to sell out your merchandise in last minutes or similar scenarios.
    Our own research and studies has indicated that this type of timely offer is very effective and successful.

  3. Responsive Design

    Responsive Design

    Our site is compatible with not only the newest Smartphones but also iPhones, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phone.
    Therefore more exposure of your listing is promised with whatever the phone type that site visitors have in timely manner.

  4. Analytics


    Myanmar Food and Travel website offers synchronized service with Google Analytics.
    This Google analytics is enable you to analyze the number of Viewers and Traffic details involving your listing.

  1. Movie and Video

    Movie and Video

    You can embed your preferred video on you listing or you can attach the link of video or movie to your site.

  2. Photo


    You can make a photo gallery to show off your favorite pictures.

  3. Map


    You can show your location by using Google Map for a convenience.

  4. SNS

    Facebook and Twitter

    You can easily add link to Face book and Twitter.

Myanmar Food and Travel website offers more versatile functions and services to help your business to grow.


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